Inheritance law and property succession

Inheritance law has been a focus of our firm for decades. Ideally, our counseling starts with the planning of succession. After a thorough review of the family situation and asset situation, we analyze the possibilities. Based thereon, we present specific proposals to the client on the implementation of the last will.

The scope of possible measures is wide, reaching from the drawing up of a simple will, bequests and legacies, a possible renunciation of an inheritance or compulsory share, substitutes or other conditions, financial security for children, up to the formation of foundations and trusts.

After a death, our services consist of the development of the estate and the representation of heirs and persons entitled to a compulsory portion in the enforcement of their claims. To this end we conduct probate proceedings from the establishment of death (Todesfallsaufnahme) up to the final transfer of property to the heirs.

Our partner Dr. Leopold Habsburg-Lothringen is a proven expert in the law of succession and has great experience in the field of property succession. He has been appointed as authorized representative of heirs and has settled numerous estates.