Our rates are based on the time spent on work. To this end, we record our services chronologically and document the services performed for each client according to case file and required time. We invoice by the quarter-hour.

The hourly rates for partners are currently EUR 320 to 350, for associates EUR 180 to 250. In case of extensive and high-volume counsel by our firm, we are able to grant reductions of these rates.

Our services in connection with in-court representation are also subject to hourly rates. Only court hearings are charged on the basis of the statutory fees of the Austrian Attorney’s Fees Act (Rechtsanwaltstarifgesetz), without the so-called Einheitssatz, an extra flat fee. All other services within the scope of adversary proceedings (work on written pleadings, correspondence, meetings, etc.) are charged on an hourly basis.

We offer our clients full transparency for our fees. On request, we will also settle accounts on a monthly basis.